Inzpire CQHI Reaches Flying Milestone

Jan Ferraro Reaches 6,000 Flying Hours

On Monday 26 January, Jan Ferraro, an Assistant Training Officer with the Apache Training Squadron and a member of Inzpire’s Helicopter Services Division reached the aviation milestone of 6,000 flying hours.

Jan, who works on the Apache Conversion to Type course at Army Air Corps Middle Wallop, first graduated as a pilot in 1990 and has since flown Gazelle, Lynx, Squirrel and Apache in a career that has seen him serve in Europe as well as the USA and Canada.

In 1999, Jan was one of the initial tranche of instructors trained to bring the Apache in to service, and since then 2500 hours of Jan’s 6000 have been completed on Apache.

He has worked as a Civilian Qualified Helicopter Instructor since 2007 and alongside his training role still works in the military as an Aviation Advisor within the Army Reserves, holding the rank of Major.

Inzpire are incredibly proud of Jan’s outstanding achievement and would like to thank him for his continued hard work and dedication both to the Company and to the provision of exceptional training of the UK’s Apache pilots.