Inzpire Sponsored RAFFCA Training Starts

RAF Flying Clubs’ Association students begin aerobatic training programme

As part of our continued engagement with the Royal Air Force, at the end of 2014 Inzpire Limited committed to sponsoring the Royal Air Force Flying Clubs Association, allowing four Junior Ranks the opportunity to fulfill their dreams of becoming aerobatic pilots and to form an RAF Aerobatic Squad.

We are delighted to be involved with this scheme and the exciting part starts now for those selected as their training started this week! The plan was for SAC Craig Emslie to start flying the Firefly T67MkII aircraft from Wickenby Airfield in Lincolnshire on Tuesday 3 Feb, guided by his instructor Flt Lt Robert Moore.

However, due to the inclement weather we have encountered in Lincolnshire this week, the first week of training for the RAF Flying Clubs’ Association new student pilots has unfortunately been limited to the ground. Despite this, Robert and Craig set to work on the syllabus for the training, working through a number of factors that Craig will have to overcome in the coming months.

Here, Craig explains the first steps of his Inzpire-sponsored training programme:

“My instructor, Flt Lt Bobby Moore managed to give me some ground instruction on physical and environmental factors which I would be exposed to during aerobatics.

This includes negative and positive G’s and the after effects of both; and how it can ruin your day! Loss of situational awareness in the event of recovery from an unintentional spin was also a key element of discussion. This will become a common event during most lessons to ensure that I am confident in recovering from any unplanned emergency situation.

He also discussed some of the effects prolonged inverted flight has on the engine and other technical factors to consider.”

These are issues that a huge number of our team will of course be familiar with, and despite not getting airborne, Craig has found the sessions informative. He looks forward to putting these lessons in to practice when the weather improves.