Inzpires Defence Revolution

Inzpire Launch Hashtag to Promote Revolutionary Work

Inzpire’s vision is to become the most respected and admired defence company in the world. We want to put old fashioned concepts such as honour, trust and respect back into the military-industrial relationship.

We believe that we are totally unique in the way we approach our work with our military colleagues. Inzpire conduct business with a military ethos as well as a commercial one. Honour, integrity and keeping our promises are military traits that we wholeheartedly apply to all of our work.

We understand that these traits mean because most of us at Inzpire have actually served in the military, and we are very proud of that. Combined with this, we have a number of exceptionally able systems and software engineers who are able to design and produce products to exacting military requirements.

We are a revolution in the military industrial relationship, and to increase the momentum of that revolution, we will today be launching our own hashtag: ‪#‎InzpiresDefenceRevolution‬

This hashtag will appear on our social media channels, and we hope it will help us in promoting our continued excellent work with our military colleagues. We stand shoulder to shoulder with them as part of The Whole Force and we are very proud of that.