Helicopter Services – What Can We Expect in 2016?

What Does 2016 Hold for Helicopter Services?

As we embark on a New Year, it is only right for me to reflect on how Helicopter Services is faring and what we can expect in the coming year.

At the heart of the Division is our continued support to the UK Military. Inzpire continues to provide a significant proportion of the training capacity for the Army Air Corps AH-64D Apache fleet. Inzpire instructors fill a range of posts across the unit harnessing their vast operational experience and in so doing, provide continuity and an invaluable depth of experience that is much needed in the Force.

At Yeovilton, Inzpire continues to work with the Project Team and other industry partners to ensure that the new Wildcat simulator will provide a level of training that hitherto has not been possible in helicopter training. The sense of realism and therefore the level training that can be achieved using new simulator technology has the potential to revolutionise the way in which future military helicopter aircrew are taught. Inzpire is proud to assist in unlocking this training potential for the military.

Inzpire is an agile Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) that will always ensure we adjust to the needs of the customer. By way of example, this year we have been able to demonstrate this to the Joint Helicopter Command, by offering to provide a Helicopter Instructor for free to help in the short term while they re-balance personnel. Inzpire did this because we believe in the Whole Force Approach (WFA) and that to us means building a long-term partnership with the UK military built on trust and collaboration.

The recent Strategic Defence and Security Review (SDSR) is an indictment of the value and utility of the SME in today’s defence industry. The WFA is shown in the SDSR as a key tenet of the future military strategy and Inzpire believes that in Helicopter Services, as well as in the other Inzpire divisions, it has been practicing the principles of the WFA for years.

The WFA was just one of many parts of the SDSR that chime with the ambitions of Inzpire. We continue to work with foreign customers who are keen to train their aircrew to match the quality of the UK armed forces. Without doubt, the brand of the UK military training system is second to none. Part of the Inzpire vision is to be the most respected defence company in the world and by harnessing the skills and experience of those who have decided to leave the UK military we continue to strive to achieve this with the provision of first class training at home and abroad. This intent supports the third National Security Objective in the SDSR, to promote the UK prosperity agenda and we will continue to work closely with UKTI personnel to achieve this.

Also of note to Inzpire in the SDSR, is the MOD intent to, ‘level the playing field’ allowing the skills and expertise of the SMEs to be applied to bigger projects. The value for money that an SME can achieve cannot be matched by the large prime defence companies. With the MOD enabling SMEs to work together, greater value for money can be achieved for the customer. When combined with the UK desire support UK defence exports to promote closer relationships across the Middle East and the Asia-Pacific region amongst others, I believe that Helicopter Services and Inzpire are well placed to meet the aspirations of the SDSR.

2016 will be a big year for Inzpire and I believe we can meet our intent to provide exceptional value for money to the UK MOD, contribute to the export aspirations of the UK and provide a revolution in Defence.


Image © Tom Dean