A Farewell from Eric ‘Heapy’ Heap!

The ISS division is facing several big changes and developments in the coming months.

The first change is that there is a new Head of the Division as Mr Jim Mulholland took charge of the division from the 1st February.

So, I am writing this blog as a farewell as Head of Division but also as I change some of my areas of responsibility within the company. I joined Inzpire nearly 9 years ago and started my company career as Head of Electronic Warfare (EW Division) in 2007. After 3 years I decided to rebrand the division as Integrated Sensors and Systems (ISS) and grew the team from the then 2 people to the 13 people it will soon become. In that time the Division has supported the RAF Typhoon equipment programmes and Mission Support areas and have provided significant support to the Typhoon front-line in training, test and evaluation, and operational environments. I am really proud of what we have achieved over the last 9 years and I would like to give all my thanks to the dedicated professionals who have backed me along this particular journey.

The next development is the continuing support we provide to the Typhoon Force. The ISS team is basically divided into 2 main areas. Firstly we support the capture and management of Typhoon requirements for Air Capability and act within the Typhoon Requirement Manager and System Integration domains. We provide technical support across the complete weapon system, which for the uninitiated, includes all the various Avionic systems, all the sensors, and the weapons. This means that generally unless its airframes and engines we are involved. As the equipment programmes develop in complexity, and to meet urgent operational deadlines so we get busier by the day. Secondly we also provide Typhoon Mission Support in order that the front-line aircraft have the correct Mission Data to fight the right battle. This team is made up of very specialist individuals who just quietly stay in the background ensuring that the Typhoons can complete the requisite operational tasks. I am very proud to say that as I leave the position as Head of Division I couldn’t have asked for a better team of highly experienced and knowledgeable experts that are acclaimed across the Typhoon Force.

And what more do I hear you ask? Well, Jim has great ideas for the future and with a growing team behind him I am sure that those ideas will come to reality. Jim is focusing the team’s direction in order that we can support the Whole Force Approach as directed by RAF chiefs. I also know that Jim has been approached by other countries to look at this exemplary model. Finally, I am pleased to see that from the small acorn of 9 years ago that the oak tree is growing, and will continue to grow.

Typh AWC


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