Another Training Milestone for Rich

Last Sunday, I fulfilled a planned training milestone by completing my first Half Marathon at Sleaford.

Hopefully you are all aware that I am training for the Wall Ultra Marathon in June, so the Sleaford Half was a race I had already planned in my training schedule.

The race started and finished at RAF Cranwell and consisted of a rolling rural course predominantly run on quiet country lanes although there was a mile of public footpath / farm track which required serious mud wading skills.

On a cool and very windy day, I managed a respectable time just over the 2 hour mark. During my training planning I identified the Sleaford Half Marathon as an important check of progress so I’m really pleased to have navigated it successfully. Support from the Sleaford Striders, the local running club who had organised the event, was great, and it was really nice to find that some of the families from the RAF quarters (through which the route passed at the start / finish) were camped out at the ends of their drives and were vocal in their positive encouragement.

This weekend will definitely spur me on to my next big milestone, the Brighton Marathon in April 2016 which I’m running on behalf of Combat Stress before the big one in June. You can view my fundraising page, and track my fundraising progress here.

A big thanks to John Rainsforth for supplying these photos of Rich taken during the Sleaford Half.

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