Happy International Women’s Day!

Here at Inzpire, we are really lucky to have some exceptionally talented women in our team.

Two of the six places on our board – that’s one third – are taken up by our Commercial Director Jess, and our Finance Director Sarah. Jess was a partner in a Law firm before taking up her role with Inzpire, and Sarah has spent a number of years setting up her own practice acting for small and medium-sized firms across London and Lincoln. Two extremely clever, driven and fun-loving ladies!

Our Land ISTAR SME Sophie Faldo delivers life-saving training at the Air Battlespace Training Centre. Sophie joined us in July 2015 following a hugely successful career in the British Army, with time spent as a Battle Group ISTAR Officer whilst serving in Afghanistan as well as being the Training Major for the Royal Yeomanry. She is also no slouch on the sports field, competing at a National level in both rowing and cycling.

Sophie Paul is our leading lady on all things Cyber and Intelligence, and launched the Division in late 2015. As an Intelligence Officer in the Royal Air Force for 20 years, Sophie’s experience from front-line tactical expertise to the strategic level, encompassing special duties, support to the Chief of Defence Intelligence and the development of new capabilities such as Target Systems Analysis along the way. Sophie’s later roles in the RAF included Director of Operations at the Defence Intelligence Fusion Centre at Wyton and latterly leading the development and generation of the RAF’s defensive cyber capability.

Jess, Sarah, and the Sophies are just a handful of the fantastic females we have working here at Inzpire. Don’t think that just because we are a Defence company that there are no roles for women; we recruit the best people who fit in to the Inzpire way of life. That’s it – they are the only requirements (other than enjoying the odd cocktail or ladies night out!). You also needn’t worry about the Gender pay gap. That doesn’t exist at Inzpire; salary is based on performance and experience, no matter who you are.

If you’d like to join our team, then touch base with Maureen and Heather, our HR team, by emailing them at careers@inzpire.com

Oh, and yes, we do have a print of “Happy Choppers” by Banksy in our office building, just to even out all the serious images of fighter aircraft!


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