Marcus Completes London Marathon

Soon-to-be Inzpire Employee Takes on Nation’s Favourite Run!

Marcus Hedley, who will be starting work with Inzpire in the next few weeks, recently completed the London Marathon as part of his training for The Wall.

Here, Marcus gives us the lowdown on his Marathon experience”

“This was my first marathon, but I am the last of my siblings to take part in a marathon. I had competed two half-marathons but never gone more than 15.8 miles during the limited training time I had available prior to the event.

Tristan, my elder brother, completed the London marathon in 3hrs 54mins in about 2012. He is a very natural runner and would have been far faster had he not broken his leg during the event; the second time he did it in 2hrs 54mins! My younger brother Luke completed the London marathon in 3hrs 48mins in 2014, so I had several aims for running the Marathon this year. I wanted my time to start with a 3, so anything under 4hrs would have been great, then I had my super- fast brother’s time in my sights, but ultimately I really wanted to beat Luke! So I wore a wrist band that gave me the 8:35min mile split times I would need to hold 3hrs 45mins and managed to beat that and my final time was 3hrs 41mins 6secs.

Because I was using the event as a training run for ‘The Wall’, which I am running with my future Inzpire colleagues in June, I decided to start my fundraising after the marathon. I am raising money for Macmillan Cancer Support because they made my grandmother as comfortable as she could have been in her final few weeks against her battle with cancer and the help and support my mother received as her primary carer was amazing. I am also raising money for Scotty’s Little Soldier’s which is a charity who support children who have lost a parent whilst serving in the Armed Forces. Having done 3 tours of Afghanistan, 2 away from my children, I felt it was an apt charity as the poor little ones must find it hard to understand why their parent(s) has gone away for such a long period of time, but if they don’t come back at all, or are severely injured, it must be horrendous!

The whole experience of the London Marathon was superb, the crowd was incredible, and the bands along the way were also very uplifting. The loo stops were greatly appreciated and the jelly babies being handed out by the public were absolutely key! I was really pleased with my result especially with my lack of training prior to the event.

Now I am continuing my training ready for ‘The Wall’, which is going to be a different beast! Now with only 6 weeks(ish) to go, we are all panicking about kit, shoes, gels, water bottles etc. With an 8 month old (beautiful) daughter, a 2yr old and 4 yr old son, and Maizie the dog, life is pretty full on, so training takes a bit of a back seat! I’d like to be doing more, but I am also looking forward to the experience and seeing just how far we can push our bodies!”.

If you would like to donate specifically to Marcus’ charities, please click here

The Inzpire team also have a joint fundraising page for The Wall, which can be found here.

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