What’s Happening in Inzpire’s Synthetic World?

Greetings to everyone from the Synthetic training division.

It seems just a moment ago that we were wishing you a Happy New year and already the clocks have sprung forward and spring is giving way to some BBQ-friendly weather… how the time flies when you’re busy and having fun.

We have been delighted to welcome Mark ‘Val’ Valentine and Rob Moodie as fulltime members of the Synthetic team. This is a team which looks very much set to grow as increasing customer needs for training in both the Air and Land communities will need extra resource.

rob moodie
Rob Moodie

Mark Valentine
Mark ‘Val’ Valentine

The current exercise tempo remains very high, with the Waddington team having delivered and supported a huge number of training events including; STEEL DRAGON to the Royal Artillery, VIRTUAL FURY to many 1 Group force elements, VIGILANT CENTURION to the RAF Regt, and live exercise support at RED FLAG. A significant ‘first’ was achieved at the most recent Exercise RISING PANTHER. This AWC delivered exercise was, for the first time, delivered synthetically. This exercise realised the full synergy available to the RAF when the Inzpire exercise delivery forces at the ABTC & AWC were able to work hand-in-hand for the first time.

The commercial process that will eventually deliver DOTC(A) has commenced, and we have been working with NITEWORKS, once again, to help scope the requirements for the users of that capability. A number of large Defence Primes have also approached us to gain expert insight into how to design and operate their DOTC(A) hardware offerings.

Ensuring that we maintain a focus on the important while still having some fun, synthetics were very proud to support the ABTC Force Development trip to Ypres. Indeed Inzpire participants from both the ABTC and Landmark House formed the majority of the participants. This three day trip away has been reported on extensively already but it is worth repeating how humbling and inspiring everyone who travelled found it to be. Our long term contribution to a successfully operating whole force unit was recently recognised by the award of an AOC team commendation.

The Team at the Menin Gate

The first phase of our innovative research work, entitled project GHOST, has been completed on budget and on time. Final activities included capability demonstrations to stakeholders including JALO and Dstl, as well as participation in a CDE sponsored industry networking day. Shortly afterwards Inzpire was delighted to learn that GHOST was one of two projects selected for Phase 2 funding, thus ensuring another year of development and testing.

Looking ahead, the summer exercise programme will include delivering the ISR QWI practical phase, a return to Coalition Virtual Flag and the leadership of a ground breaking UK-US distributed Exercise RED KITE. Closer to home we are looking forward to Farnborough – perhaps we will see you there?


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