Jim Mulholland’s ‘The Wall’ Fundraising

In today’s blog we hear from Jim Mulholland about the reasons behind why he is fundraising for Macmillan and the Alzheimer’s Society whilst running ‘The Wall’

I have lost both close friends and a number of my family to Cancer and having witnessed at first hand the incredible job that the Macmillan nurses do for those who require their support, the least I can do is endure some pain for a day (and no doubt a few days afterwards) in order to raise money to help them further their amazing work. I hope that no-one has the needs for their support, but for those that have lost friend and loved ones and have seen the Macmillan nurses at work, they will already know and understand why I am doing what I am. My grandfather suffered from Alzheimer’s before he passed away, and it is a horrible thing to witness; the more we can do to understand Alzheimer’s the better.

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To support Jim’s 69 mile quest, please visit the team fundraising page here.