Welcome to Inzpire, Marcus!

We are delighted to welcome Marcus Hedley to our Helicopter Services Division as a CQHI

Marcus served as an Apache pilot in the Army Air Corps for over 11 years, completing 3 tours of Afghanistan as both a Pilot and Weapons Instructor. He also gained Deck qualifications aboard HMS Ark Royal. In his role as the Regimental Weapons Officer, Marcus conducted ground judgemental training for a multitude of platform types including Chinook, Lynx, Merlin, Puma, Sea King and also ground troops. He completed the CFS QHI course and has been teaching at 673 Sqn for the last 3 years prior to joining Inzpire.

Marcus has already integrated himself well in to the Inzpire team, and will be running ‘The Wall’ ultra-marathon with 7 of his new colleagues in just a few weeks time!


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