Inzpire Wins Funding For Next Generation Training Solutions

Inzpire has won phase 2 funding in the agile immersive mission training competition.

Run by the the MOD’s Centre for Defence Enterprise (CDE) and the UK Defence Solutions Centre (UKDSC), Inzpire was announced as one of the Competition’s funding winners today at the Farnborough Airshow. After successfully competing with industry and academia for phase 1 funding in 2015, Inzpire is one of only two companies, both SMEs, to have qualified for phase 2 funding. Funded through CDE (part of MOD’s Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL) for the next 11 months, the Inzpire team will now be working hard to develop their project to higher technical readiness levels. The Inzpire project, named GHOST, marks a step change from quantitative ‘tick box’ assessment to a more comprehensive qualitative form of assessment that can be scaled from individuals, through formations and up to whole force elements. Initially GHOST will have maximum utility in a synthetic environment.

Hugh Griffiths, co-founder and CEO of Inzpire said “We’re thrilled to have been selected for Phase 2 funding for our GHOST project. We’re proudly British and proud of the hard work and success our people have delivered so far, so it’s great to see all their efforts and expertise rewarded in this way. We believe that we are developing a game changing training solution through this competitive process. Our solution can deliver a truly enhanced learning experience for the trainee and a new method of assessing trainees against operationally relevant competencies.”

Synthetic training is becoming ever more vital by offering personnel exposure to scenarios and situations which flight crews may not get to experience due to the operational requirements which they have to meet and the limits on flying hours that are applied.

80% of Inzpire’s employees are ex-armed forces, meaning that customers have access to a highly skilled and qualified team who combine their operational experience and expertise with the best in technology development. Speaking the same language as their military colleagues and customers means that the Inzpire team ensures that the training solutions they develop and deliver begin with a clear understanding of objectives and requirements through to lessons instilled and learned at the end of the training programmes.