Customisation is Key for Mission Systems.

Here in Mission Systems we’re proud of the systems and capabilities we offer to our customers.

Whilst the term ‘GECO’ is sometimes associated with a number of different products spanning from DIGIMAP, through GECO and into a fully-fledged MSS, GECO and Mission Systems go hand in hand – we’re all about our products.

What’s perhaps not so apparent is that Mission Systems, like the rest of Inzpire, is a people business, boasting a powerful combination of significant military experience and engineering pedigree. The joint experience of the Mission Systems Team affords us the opportunity to help guide customers and product development to ensure the systems we deliver not only meet our customer requirements but that they do so in a way that provides genuinely useful, highly accessible capability. Sounds simple doesn’t it, giving customers what they want?


Even when we buy things for ourselves, certainly for purchases where there are multiple options and customisations available, we’re seldom aware of the precise definition of what it is we actually want. Anyone who has queued behind a first time user of Subway will appreciate how difficult choosing the right options can be! And what differentiates a happy customer who will come back time and time again is often based on how the basic product is customised to meet their specific needs.

There are any number of ways of doing what we do; translating statements of user need into system solutions. There are flow diagrams, tutorials, documentation and courses explaining the methodology applied to system design and development and important discipline and rigour demanded. But as with many practices it’s the smart application of process, discipline and genuine appreciation of user need which differentiates solutions which deliver genuinely useful capability from those which simply meet the letter of a user requirement.

benson mss users

So here is where the Mission Systems people make the difference. Our combination of ex-military and engineering personnel mean we know what works, how it works and how to develop and deliver it. We are able not only to satisfy the specific needs of our customer in system solutions which are very capable and robust in terms of the functionality they offer, but also which are compliant with the demands associated with clearing the systems for operational use by our customers.

It’s a genuinely powerful combination of skills and knowledge which gives us the ability to keep our existing customers happy, attract new ones and comes with the added bonus of doing something which feels worthwhile.

And for anyone who’s never used Subway it’s bread, filling, cheese, toasted or not, salad and sauce!

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