Inzpire Part of Award-Winning Synthetics Team

ABTC Receives Award from Royal Aeronautical Society

Inzpire are delighted to be a part of the Air Battlespace Training Centre (ABTC) team which has recently been awarded a Royal Aeronautical Society Bronze Team accolade.

The ABTC team comprises a military and 16-strong Inzpire combined operations group, and a technical delivery team which is primed by QinetiQ and includes members of BOEING DEFENCE UK and PLEXSYS.

The nomination was made by HQ Air, with endorsements from AOC 1 Gp and DCOM Ops, with the citation reading as follows:

“The ABTC has been an exemplar both for innovation in the development of synthetic air collective training and as an exemplar of the RAF’s Whole Force Concept, combining military personnel and industry partners to achieve peerless support to current operations. In 2015, the ABTC achieved well in excess of its planned and funded Programme of Work, providing responsive and tailored collective training to RAF, Royal Navy and British Army force elements, including pioneering work linking the ABTC with the Maritime Collective Training Centre in order to provide essential pre-deployment training for the Royal Navy Type 45 destroyer HMS DEFENDER as part of Exercise VIRTUAL FURY. The key to the ABTC’s success has been a One Team approach, in which military and contractor personnel have worked seamlessly despite a high workload, manning shortages and a rapidly-evolving appetite for synthetic collective training”.

In the formal recognition of the award, the RAeS letter to the ABTC team said that it is being “recognised for its contribution in driving a cultural change to synthetic training across Defence by delivering outstanding team, collective and joint training in a contemporary synthetic environment. The team has consistently provided innovative solutions to ensure outstanding quality and breadth of training for the RAF, RN and British Army to prepare military units for operations”.

To find out more about Inzpire’s Synthetic Training team, please click here.