Innovation and Change

The definition of innovation is described as “The process of translating an idea or invention into a good or service that creates value or for which customers will pay”.

Whilst true, the pure definition omits the challenges to be overcome if any company is to attract, train and retain the most important assets it has in order to create that innovation, its people. Charles Darwin stated that it was not the most intelligent of the species that survives, nor is it the strongest, but the ones most adaptable to change. At Inzpire we recognised early in our genesis that as we grew, both in terms of turnover but more importantly in the number of employees we were lucky enough to attract, that we would need to maintain the same values of trust and admiration in all of our people as we did when we started our journey.


Employ the best people and simply let them get on with it has been at the core of our thinking since day one and in the last 11 years we have jealously defended that approach. Indeed as we grew and life became more complicated we decided that the best thing to do was to loosen the reigns ever further. We recently ran a trial where individuals from across the company were put onto an uncapped leave scheme, the sceptics would have called this a recipe for disaster as everyone would take advantage of the scheme and would hardly ever be in work. In reality the results demonstrated that if you trust good people they will reward that trust with integrity and no such abuses were ever captured quite the reverse in fact. Now that we have rolled out the scheme to the whole of the company there will be no last minute rush to get every minute of leave in before the end of the year leading to a near close down at Christmas, quite important as we start to roll out more products and services to the Middle East where Christmas has less relevance. This type of innovation in HR clearly demonstrates how trust and integrity can translate into greater efficiency and we warmly embrace the concept.

We looked at the way that the individual appraisal process was completed and decided that it was largely irrelevant because our management teams are in constant contact with their own people and they constantly interact both socially and at work so any issues and points for guidance can be delivered in a timely manner rather than during a formal interview once a year. As a result, we will be reviewing the way in which we appraise our staff in the New Year and will be looking at more effective methods.

We were recently invited to the Lincolnshire Media Awards and were delighted to be hailed as the most innovative company in Lincolnshire which I was delighted to accept on behalf of us all. We were described as the stand out winners in the category not simply because we do provide innovative products and services but also because of the innovation we employ in looking after all our staff. This was definitely the most pleasing accolade as without the high quality people who choose to work for us we would not be where we are today and certainly not be on the road to where we want to be tomorrow.


Accepting the Innovation Award at the Lincolnshire Business Awards


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