Welcome to Inzpire, David!

Inzpire’s Defence Revolution grows ever stronger as this week David ‘Doc’ Holliday joins us as a Technical Engineer Consultant within our ISS Division.

Doc joined BAE Systems in 1994 as a sponsored undergraduate on the Loughborough University Systems Engineering course. Following completion of the Masters course in 1999, he started on the Typhoon Avionics Systems Integration rigs. Over 13 years there, Doc was predominately involved in the testing of the A&I systems with later responsibilities for the delivery of testing for the UK Drop programme. The gained Systems experience resulted in his involvement in both the Radar development programme as well as support to what is now 41(R) TES during their numerous UK and USA detachments. Doc has spent the last 4 years been working on the Typhoon MSCAN Radar EDR team specifically responsible for the delivery of the ongoing Radar development programme.

Welcome to Inzpire, Doc!