Welcome to Inzpire, Craig.

We are delighted to welcome Craig Carter to the Inzpire Limited team.

Craig will be working in our Integrated Sensors and Systems Division as a Mission Support Manager.

Before joining Inzpire, Craig completed 16 years in the Royal Air Force as an Avionics Technician. During his military career, he worked on the maintenance of Harriers around the World, and Sea King helicopters in the Search and Rescue role. For the past 8 years of his career he has been employed in the specialist area of Electronic Warfare. As a member of the team programming the RAF Typhoon’s Defensive Aids Sub System, he has experience of system development trials and ensuring that accurate mission data is available to the front line for training, exercises and operations.

Great to have you on board with us Craig. Thank you for choosing Inzpire as the next step in your career!


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