Welcome to Inzpire, Darren!

We are pleased to welcome Darren Lownds to Inzpire Limited.

Darren has joined our Aviation Experts Division as the Control of the Air SME and exercise White Force Red Air Chairman.

After leaving university with a Law degree, Darren decided the legal life wasn’t for him and after a brief stint in the semi-precious rock business decided to join the RAF. Successfully completing Fast Jet Navigator training, he was posted to the Tornado F3 force where he quickly gained combat ready status and deployed as part of a rapid Squadron deployment to the Middle East.

Following his first front line tour, he was selected for the Tornado F3 Qualified Weapons Instructor Course and after graduating, spent the next 4 years instructing air defence on the front line. With the disbandment of the Tornado F3, Darren re-trained on the Tornado GR4 and deployed twice on operations with 617 Squadron, the famous “Dambusters”. Posted to a desk role, Darren then whisked his family off to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia where he was responsible for developing the Royal Saudi Air Force Tornado and Typhoon capabilities.

Welcome to the team, Darren.


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