Introducing GHOST

A Graphically Hosted Objective Solution for Training.

Between us, the Inzpire team has well over 1000 years of military experience; we have a privileged insight into the delivery of defence capability.

Over the years, it has become clear to us that Defence has a plethora of detailed performance data but a lack of contextualised, usable and graphically accessible performance information.

Recognising that human capability is, and will remain, a critical factor in achieving military superiority in an ever increasingly complex operating environment, Inzpire has proposed the concept of GHOST – a Graphically Hosted Objective Solution for Training.

GHOST is a virtual representation of a human, which learns and unlearns alongside its live host, interacting with the environment in which the host is conducting military tasks. GHOST senses what is happening and shares the same set of knowledge, skills, attitudes and currencies as its host, whilst simultaneously assessing how well a particular task ought to be done and continually recording how well it actually is being done. Any deviation between expected and actual performance is highlighted graphically to the training deliverer, facilitating timely, targeted and relevant interventions and also providing the foundations for post mission de-briefing. Individual learning is aided by both the objective record of events and the gamification aspects of expected standards.

After completing a successful operational Trial of GHOST, at the iDSC Boscombe Down, Inzpire are very excited about our end of phase Demonstration at Farnborough on 4 May.