The Inzpire Logo; What Does it Signify?

Many of you will be familiar with Inzpire’s logo but how many know what it signifies?


Our logo actually has an interesting story behind it. It represents that fleeting moment during a total solar eclipse when the sun starts to emerge from behind the moon and illuminate everything with new light. This moment is the end of the period of total darkness (the so called “totality”) and the beginning of new light.

When totality ends it creates an effect known as the ‘Baily’s Bead’ or ‘diamond ring’ . As the sun starts to creep out from behind the moon there is a single bright flare of light at the edge of the lunar silhouette. For a brief moment, it creates an impression of a diamond set in a bright ring of light around the lunar silhouette. This ‘diamond ring’ is what the Inzpire logo is based on.

solar eclipse

The symbolism of ‘new light on old problems’ was very attractive to us when we set up Inzpire. We felt that we wanted to offer something completely new and fresh in the defence marketplace and we were looking for a logo to help symbolise that. We were struggling to find something suitable but then, in October 2005, there was a well reported total eclipse in the North Atlantic which produced a spectacular diamond ring that appeared on all the news channels.

Our problem was solved.