It’s Good to be Different…

I have been Inzpire’s CEO for almost 5 years.


I have now been Inzpire’s CEO for almost 5 years. Time flies! During that period the amazing team at Inzpire has grown from 38 people to 115 and, working together, we have increased our turnover from £3.4 million to around £11 million.


This got me thinking about what underpins this success and I think a key ingredient is the concept of ‘difference’. Often organisations are scared to be different; we are not. Inzpire is very different to the established norm in the defence industry and we are rather proud of that. The desire to separate ourselves from the status quo has always been deeply embedded within our DNA. It was there at the start, and it is there now.

Inzpire’s logo – the burst of new light that signals the end of a total eclipse – is the perfect metaphor for a company that is acknowledged to be illuminating an exciting new path in defence. We are simply not the same as everyone else. We are inventive, ethical and resourceful, and continually finding innovative new ways of supporting our military colleagues and improving employee conditions in our own company. We are not scared to do brave and unusual things, like competing head on with companies over 1000 times our size (and winning!) or instigating leading edge HR policies like uncapped leave.

At Inzpire, we actively choose to be different from our competitors, because that is the sort of people we are. The mundane, yawn-inducing, banality of most big businesses is alien to us. Indeed, many work here precisely because Inzpire is not like a big prime contractor.

We are proudly building a revolutionary new organisation, the like of which Defence has not previously seen. This is ground breaking, paradigm shifting, work. We are engaged in an unconventional, collective, effort that is fuelled by a carefully controlled element of anarchy. We are a disruptor. Guided by the diverse talents of our amazing people, we are optimistic, ambitious and hungry for success. It is a revolution for good, and we can deliver it.

We have found ourselves at the beating heart of so many fundamental UK military capabilities. We have built an excellent reputation and, with every new hire, our brand grows. We are regularly quoted in the defence and national press and, as one of only 20 members of Govt SME Forum, are working directly with the Crown Commercial Services and The Cabinet Office on Govt SME policy. We win many awards and, three years running, we have been one of the Sunday Times 100 best SMEs to work for in UK.

Inzpire is no ordinary business, but what is the point of being in business unless you are trying to achieve something extraordinary? We are definitely not the same as other defence companies and we are proud of that. We revel in our difference. We are breathing life into something new and fresh. Ours is a revolutionary organisation that will disrupt the defence-industrial environment with a creed of honour, integrity, trust and excellence that defence is not accustomed to. That is the genuinely noble cause to which we aspire.


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