Inzpire Family Camp-Out is a great success!

In the glorious Oxfordshire sunshine, the second Inzpire Camp-Out recently convened at ‘Farm Rolfy’.

Ten families, thirty-three campers, five dogs, and a parrot pitched camp and enjoyed 2 days of fun in the sun.

Building on the success of the previous year’s event, the Camp-Out is steadily becoming bigger and better, with a host of activities to enjoy, and great food to savour.  A bouncy castle has never seen so much bouncing, a mass nerf-gun attack has never seen so many nerf rounds laid down with such panache…..and the senior badminton bad-off culminated was a championship win for Darren ‘Lowndsy’ Lownds and Andy ‘Bainster’ Bain.

A very competitive nerf-gun game

Catering was tweaked this year, with a bake-off (shame Jo Stevens left her muffins at home!), and a mass Chilli-off dinner ensemble; some fine food for all, and for breakfast a mass bacon and sausage butty BBQ.  Paul ‘Rolfy’ Rolfe’s camp fire was central as the evening progressed and the sun went down; toasted marshmallows by the fire were a great way to round of the evening.

Our Legal & Commercial Director Jess Wood dishes out the chilli

Huge and sincere thank go to Rolfy and his wife Suzanne, the originators of, and hosts for, the event.

Planning for next year’s Camp-Out starts soon; we quite fancy a band.

Anyone got Chris Martin’s phone number?

Me on BBQ breakfast duty!