The Importance of the Human Element in Joint Fires Synthetic Training Delivery

Much has been written about the significant, rapid leap forward in Synthetic training technology in all areas of civilian and defence training

The use of virtual reality, augmented reality and the blending of technologies that mix live and virtual worlds has become common place throughout our lives. In the defence sector across the world,  harnessing a blend of live and synthetic training has become the norm, particularly when having to offset the cost of live training opportunities with the need to prepare for multi-spectrum threats in complex environments.

As the United Kingdom Armed Forces restructure into 2020 – 2025 there is a major emphasis on maximising the benefits of synthetic training across all domains and front line commands. Within the Joint Fires force elements, the use of synthetic technologies to support training has developed over the last 10 years and is about to move into a whole new era.

The complexity of providing valuable Joint Fires training to both current and future forces is a particular challenge. With the advancement of sensors, effectors, complex weapons, communications, cyber threats and joint coalition operations,  the employment of appropriate synthetic training can provide significant, high impact solutions, and prepare individuals, teams and collective units across the land – air and maritime domains to achieve high levels of understanding of the application of Joint Fires.

For the last 10 years, Inzpire has been the incumbent training partner of the UK MoD, providing Joint Fires synthetic training to the Royal Artillery and RAF Regiment as part of the embedded joint training team at the Air Battlespace Training Centre. Inzpire has been the design and delivery team for Artillery tactical groups in collective training for Ex MOUNTAIN DRAGON (Mission specific training) for Op HERRICK (AFGHANISTAN), Ex STEEL DRAGON and Ex VIGILANT CENTURION (RAF Regiment Force Protection equivalent of EX STEEL DRAGON).

During those 10 years we have trained over 7000 personnel from all Close Support artillery and ISTAR regiments of the Royal Artillery and RAF Regiment as well as Infantry Battle Groups including Royal Marines and allies including the Danish Artillery. We deliver this training, embedded alongside our serving Military colleagues, in both the Live and Synthetic environments. In addition, Inzpire provides support to Joint live training as part of the RAF’s Air Warfare Centre. These Exercises (Ex COBRA WARRIOR, RISING PANTHER and TRIPLEX WARRIOR) are high profile, large scale highly complex exercises integrating air, Land and maritime assets. This year our support will move to providing exercise support to Divisional level Joint Fires synthetic training exercises.

A fundamental requirement of successful training is a team of expert instructors, experienced in delivering synthetic training solutions, to ensure the investment in technology is appropriate and end user gets a better training solution in a more timely and cost-effective manner. Inzpire’s experienced instructor personnel across the company have significant expertise in joint fires training. We specialise in supporting “user-centric design” to maximise the value of investing in technical training systems. Technology is impressive, but it must never be overlooked that it is there to support human action and although the advances in augment reality are alluring, the design, delivery and assessment of training still requires experienced human input.

Inzpire are providing a Revolution in Defence with our support to the Whole Force Approach, supplying innovative contractor-delivered training teams ensuring the right people are in place to support the UK MOD.

Inzpire are the people who bring Joint Fires Synthetic Training to life.



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