Inzpire to Provide GECO Mission System for Indonesian Air Force

Inzpire GECO Air will be used on 5 Fixed-Wing Aircraft Fleets.

Inzpire is delighted to announce that, in conjunction with our in-country partner PT Kadomas Aviasindo, we will provide our GECO Air tablet-based mission system to Indonesia’s Air Force – the Tentara Nasional Indonesia-Angkatan Udara (TNI-AU). GECO Air will deliver enhanced situational awareness and safety benefits across a fleet of five fixed wing aircraft types. This is our second major export success, following the provision of GECO to the fighter jets and helicopters of the Royal Jordanian Air Force.

GECO Air is designed to complement existing on-board avionics systems by bringing modern and powerful commercial off-the-shelf hardware technology to the cockpit and providing a cost-effective, easy-to-upgrade solution.  GECO can be used as a stand-alone device or integrated directly into an aircraft.

GECO’s suite of situational awareness and safety assistance apps includes advanced navigation features overlaid on a wide range of mapping and satellite imagery; a worldwide aeronautical database and tactical applications such as advanced threat displays – all designed to buy aircrew time, and to improve and enhance the decision-making.

Modern air missions feature vast amounts of complex data from aeronautical, geospatial, meteorological and intelligence sources, which must be digested and understood in order to be exploited most effectively.  This is where GECO excels, providing a slick, intuitive user interface which supports rapid assimilation of complex information.  Our team of software and system developers work shoulder to shoulder with our former military operators to ensure the optimum solution is created to fit the customer’s needs; GECO is designed by aviators, for aviators.

The GECO system has a proven pedigree in training and combat operations around the globe and is in use with the UK Royal Navy, Army Air Corps and Royal Air Force, as well as with the Royal Jordanian Air Force.  Following delivery to the TNI-AU, GECO will be in everyday use with 18 different fighter and rotary wing platforms worldwide, across a wide variety of missions.

Alex Mitchell, Head of Business Development for Inzpire said, “Inzpire and our business partners PT Kadomas Aviasindo are delighted to have been awarded a contract to deliver our GECO tablet-based mission system to the Indonesian Air Force. Once in service, GECO will significantly enhance situational awareness for the TNI-AU during front line Fast Jet operations and provide a cost-effective digital upgrade to in-cockpit avionics. It will also serve to significantly enhance airborne safety for the pilots using the equipment; something which is of paramount importance to Inzpire, the way in which we operate and to our customers. This is just the start of what we hope will be a long-standing relationship with the TNI-AU.

GECO Air will be on display on the Inzpire stand at DSEI along with the GECO Mission Support System and the exciting new GECO World concept. Visit our team at stand S9-244, from 12-15 September 2017 for more information.