Inzpire Provide White Force to Exercise EASTERN ZEPHYR

Aviation Experts Team Work Closely With 94th Fighter Squadron

Inzpire’s team of Aviation Experts have successfully delivered the White Force team to Exercise EASTERN ZEPHYR. Led by 29(R) Squadron, Exercise EASTERN ZEPHYR saw the 94th Fighter Squadron (FS) deploy from their home base in Langley, Virginia at short notice to RAF Lakenheath. The aim of EASTERN ZEPHYR was to conduct fighter integration training between the 94th’s F22 ‘Raptor’ 5th Generation fighter attack aircraft, RAF Typhoons, and the USAF F15C and E model.

Inzpire’s team, who are based full-time within the Qualified Weapons Instructor flight on 29 (R) Squadron designed, developed and planned the Large Force Employment (LFE) events which provided high-end training during the Exercise. These complex and challenging LFE events provided training scenarios against a capable adversary equipped with modern aircraft and an Integrated Air Defence System with Early Warning radars and various Surface to Air Missile systems.

With Inzpire personnel providing the White Force to run them, the EASTERN ZEPHYR LFEs involved up to 40 aircraft and required the RAF and USAF elements to produce an integrated plan in order to achieve mission success, both testing, and helping further develop, their Training, Tactics, and Procedures.

EASTERN ZEPHYR demonstrated once again the strong bonds of professionalism and friendship between the RAF and the USAF. It also illustrated how Inzpire’s team of Aviation Experts, embedded at the heart of RAF training, provide an unrivalled series of complex and challenging events enabling both 4th and 5th generation aircraft to train effectively together – a fundamentally important aspect with the arrival next year of the F-35 in to RAF service.

Title image by Airman 1st Class Eli Chevalier