Inzpire Delivers Cyber, UAS and ISR Training to Royal Jordanian Air Force

Inzpire’s Training Experts Provide Tailored Training to RJAF Delegation

Inzpire’s training experts have recently delivered tailored Cyber, Intelligence, Unmanned Air Systems (UAS) and Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) training courses to a cohort of Royal Jordanian Air Force (RJAF) personnel at Inzpire’s HQ in Lincoln. Inzpire’s Unmanned Experts and ISTAR Division employs many experts who were at the heart of the Royal Air Force’s UAV and ISR capabilities, whilst the Cyber, Intelligence and Counter-Terrorism Division is made up of experts who were instrumental in building the RAF’s Cyber Defence capabilities.

Inzpire were delighted to be able to assist the RJAF on the first steps of developing their own Cyber Defence capabilities by providing a week’s advanced cyber training for Senior RJAF delegates. The training focussed on the advantages of enhancing users understanding of current hardware, as an alternative to buying additional costly cyber-security hardware.

Students from the RJAF’s recently formed ISR Wing received training centred on UAS and ISR missions and processes. Inzpire’s experts were able to use their expertise to help accelerate the RJAF’s ISR and UAS learning through enhancing and improving their knowledge of UAV operations, integration and safety.

Inzpire Training Manager Andy Bain delivered the ISR and UAS aspects of the training events, and said: “Jordan sits at the heart of a complex regional situation that concurrently involves live operations, a large scale humanitarian disaster and major counter terror operations. Combine this with long borders and vast open areas and Jordan faces a complex and dynamic security situation. Managing and integrating the assets, processing the huge amounts of collected data, getting that data to the right people at the right time, and then acting upon it, is a complex and specialised task that the Royal Jordanian Air Force must undertake. I am delighted that Inzpire’s experts have been able to support the RJAF in developing their skills and capabilities to ensure that this task is carried out safely and effectively”.

Sophie Paul, Head of Cyber, Intelligence and Counter-Terrorism at Inzpire, said: “we have a rare capability in Inzpire in that we are able to offer not only deep technical knowledge, but also extensive experience of having developed cyber defence within the RAF. Our team share a common aim to make skilled personnel the mainstay of cyber security”.

Inzpire’s Cyber, Intelligence and Counter-Terrorism Division integrates intelligence Subject Matter Experts in military areas of operation, delivering highly acclaimed analysis and training, support to exercise development and White Force expertise. One of the greatest testaments to the level of intelligence and training expertise within Inzpire and the level of trust bestowed by MoD, is our emplacement of the training design and course development capability which sits at the heart of Defence’s Intelligence Training Organisation at Chicksands.

Inzpire’s Unmanned and ISTAR Experts Division is a rapidly growing, and highly motivated team of UAS and ISR experts who have over 25,000 flying hours on UAS and ISTAR operations spanning numerous platforms, and over 35,000 accumulated flying hours on manned aircraft. The unrivalled breadth of experience and expertise of the team encompasses everything from ISR Package and Mission Commanders, Sensor Operators, Mission Payload Operators, Imagery Analysts, Intelligence Specialists, and UAS Pilots and Operators.