Inzpire CEO Features at Milken Institute Summit

Hugh Griffiths Participates in Civilian/Military Divide Panel Discussion

Inzpire CEO Hugh Griffiths participated in a panel interview at the Milken Institute London Summit on Tuesday 5th December. The interview, entitled Breaking Down the Civilian/Military Divide’ focused on ways in which current and former military leaders and their personnel can work with civilian leaders to improve best practices across future generations.

During the panel discussion, Hugh emphasised why he feels military personnel are excellent to have in business, praising their discipline, dedication and skill-sets.

The annual Milken Institute Summit is a gathering of more than eight hundred leaders and experts across business, philanthropy and science, and the audience for the ‘Breaking Down the Civilian/Military Divide’ discussion included current and ex-military personnel from the UK and USA, as well as experts in economics, investment banking, and leadership.