Inzpire Limited Design and Deliver Ground-Breaking Synthetic Exercise

Inzpire Provide Design and Exercise Management Team to Exercise IRON DRAGON

A team of synthetic training experts from Inzpire Limited has designed and delivered a ground-breaking experimental synthetic training exercise to 3rd Division (United Kingdom) Headquarters at the Royal Air Force Air Battlespace Training Centre (ABTC) at RAF Waddington. This was the first time an Army exercise of this complexity has been conducted using the Distributed Synthetic Air Land Training (DSALT) Capability.

Exercise IRON DRAGON was designed to train all of the elements of the Headquarters Joint Air Ground Integration Cell (JAGIC). The scenario created by Inzpire’s experts provided a four day flow that allowed the JAGIC to practice Tactics, Techniques and Operating Procedures in a Coalition Corps context during a high-intensity complex Joint Air Land battle, whilst also experimenting with new concepts.

In a demonstration of the value of the Whole Force Approach, Inzpire personnel provided the core design and Exercise Management Team, whilst working alongside military personnel from the ABTC, 3rd Division J7 Staff and technical experts from the QinetiQ and Boeing DSALT team.

The success of the exercise and training value for the JAGIC was evident during the constructive After Action Reviews, facilitated by the Inzpire Exercise Management Team.

Inzpire’s Head of Synthetic Training, Paul Bolton said: “Exercise IRON DRAGON was a highly successful example of the innovative Whole Force Approach, delivering valuable warfighter preparation for the British Army’s lead Divisional headquarters.

 The combined effort of Inzpire’s Synthetic Joint Air Land experts, military personnel from the ABTC and technical staff from QinetiQ, Boeing and Plexsys demonstrated the flexibility of a mixed military and industry solution.”

 Inzpire has long been at the heart of synthetic training in the UK, protecting and promoting military capability by successfully exploiting synthetics and employing only the very best subject matter experts – all with deep and wide-ranging operational experience. Inzpire’s broad scope of work with the UK MoD has included Air Land Integration training for both operations and contingency, mission rehearsal for C2 and Combat Air, design and delivery of large-scale air training (both in the UK and internationally) and the integration of live participants into collective synthetic training environments.

Images MoD Crown Copyright 2017