Life at Inzpire Through the Eyes of a 4-Year-Old!

I have now been at Inzpire for just over 12 months; where has that time gone?

Still, I frequently get asked ‘what is it (really) like working for a company like Inzpire’? I could tell you exactly what it’s like but I thought it might be fun to ask for my 4-year-old son Reuben’s interpretation of my life with the company.

Me: So Reuben, why did Mumma leave the Royal Air Force?

Reuben: “To have more time to play with me!”

So it would appear my son has a slightly different interpretation of Inzpire’s impressive work ethic of promoting autonomy, trust and respect amongst its personnel. Yes Mumma is given considerable flexibility to manage her time to meet the demands of her workload, however I don’t think we call this playtime do we HR?

Me: What is it that Mumma does in her job at Inzpire?

Reuben: “You try to fly remote controlled aeroplanes!”

I work for Inzpire’s Unmanned Experts and ISTAR Division as the Training Support Manager and currently my primary focus is conducting a full Training Needs Analysis in to the Royal Air Force’s incoming MQ-9B PROTECTOR Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS). I am quite impressed that my son has grasped this context, both in terms of working with RPAS and also the fact that he knows that secretly I wish I was a pilot (yes it’s out there now).

Me: Why does Mumma have to go away with work?

Reuben: “To buy me presents! Actually Mumma, to buy me Lego!”

I have travelled a little since joining Inzpire in March 2017; however contrary to my son’s belief that I travel to simply buy presents, I actually do work. These trips, both in the UK and abroad have provided a great deal of opportunity for me to develop both professionally and personally and have proven valuable in developing international partnerships and relationships. I may have bought the children some presents on my return, and I think I may have set a precedence…

Me: Who does Mumma work with?

Reuben: “You work with lovely people that give me sweets!”

Ah yes, Reuben came to visit me at the office once and the lovely Steph (Exhibitions and Corporate Events Manager) did in fact give Reuben sweets. So the way to a child’s heart is most definitely through his stomach.

I can confirm that the whole Inzpire team are indeed a lovely bunch. No matter what support area you request assistance from or which Division or Executive you approach for help, nothing is ever too much trouble. I have been waiting almost a year for the ‘bubble’ to burst and I have finally given up; it appears that this bubble has no intention of bursting. So what makes the people I work with so special? Let me give you just one example (and trust me there are plenty others)!

Whilst on a family holiday to Majorca in June 2017 with my partner Emma and our two sons, Reuben and Joshua, Reuben (whose wit is driving this blog) was diagnosed with acute appendicitis and also an infected abscess in his toe the day before we were due to fly home. Great timing son! Although our holiday insurance kicked in quickly and pretty much took care of our extended hotel requirements and return flights, there was still a considerable amount of ‘admin’ to square away. To say that this was a particularly stressful time would be an understatement.

So how do Inzpire fit in? Having notified my Head of Division Paul ‘Rolfy’ Rolfe of our situation he was quick to manage and reorganise my planned professional commitments so that I did not have any ‘no shows’ or deadlines to worry about. Furthermore he was regularly in touch – pretty much every other hour! There was the potential requirement for immediate follow on medical after care for Reuben on returning to the UK and in order to guarantee this, we chose to utilise our BUPA health care provide by the company. Did I have the details with me? Of course I….didn’t. However, Inzpire’s HR Manager Maureen Tennant was straight on to this and within 10 minutes I was sorted. Fast forward a week and we returned to the UK; all was well with Reuben with only a few routine follow up appointments.

On the first day back in the office I was intercepted getting out of my car by Inzpire CEO Hugh Griffiths who immediately asked after Reuben by name. Supported, genuine and cared for are just a few words that describe how Inzpire made us feel. We were given the peace of mind to allow us to focus on Reuben’s health care for which we will always be grateful for. Thanks team!

So a few light hearted questions to follow that deep and meaningful account and to wrap up this blog…

Me: What is Mumma’s favourite thing to do?

Reuben: “To build Lego with me!”

Me: What is Mumma good at?

Reuben: “Building Lego”.

Me: If Mumma was very very rich, what would she do with her money?

Reuben: “Buy Lego”.

Me: Would Mumma ever do a different job?

Reuben: “No. Oh actually, yes, to build Lego!”

Really Reuben…?

OK, I may have been heard saying that the only job that I would ever leave Inzpire for, would be Training Management at Lego HQ. Even then, it would be quite some decision now that Inzpire have firmly placed themselves in my world as my professional family!

For those of you wondering whether my son actually said these things, I assure you that his answers have been recorded word for word…and I am expecting a little ‘banter’ over the Pilot and the Lego comments.

The final question is; which one of my confessions will result in the most banter…?