Inzpire Team Complete Rutland Epique Sportive

On Sunday 10th June, 8 Inzpire personnel took on the 110-mile Rutland Epique Sportive.

The aim of the event was to bring together 100 cyclists in celebration of the RAF Centenary, with the hope of raising in excess of £10,000 for the Royal Air Forces Association (RAFA).

Richard Havercroft, Dan Simmons, Jonny Priest, Paul Bolton, Mike Lofts, Steven Pook, Jessica Wood and Tin Brooks took part in the event on behalf of Inzpire, cycling a route that took them across Rutland, Lincolnshire and Leicestershire. Between them, they raised in excess of £1400 for RAFA.

“The RAF has always featured as a part of my life”, said Tin, on her reasons for wanting to complete the event for RAFA. “My Dad and my Uncle were serving and it is what brought me and my partner together, and as a result we now have two beautiful boys. Working for Inzpire, it is like I have never left the RAF. I still get to be a part of many aspects of RAF life; both professionally and personally. I am proud to have completed the Rutland Border Epique Cycle Sportive for RAF 100 in support of the RAF Association and am delighted to have contributed to the raising of funds for this very special family-focused charity”.

Dan Simmons said: “The whole event felt like an amazing reunion of the extended RAF Family with ex-members riding alongside those still serving”.

“The 2 minute walk from the car park to the registration area and back took me at least 20 minutes because I bumped into so many old friends, lycra-clad with beaming smiles. The event was brilliantly organised and all the RAFA riders sporting the same jerseys really helped build that esprit de corps during the day. It was amazing to see so many riders sporting the RAFA wings; long lines snaking through the Rutland country roads. From the Inzpire perspective it was great to be part of this. I was so pleased to make it round in one piece and to see so many of us ride further than we had ever ridden before. Thank you to everyone who sponsored our Inzpire team, I am humbled by the amount we have raised together and hope we can do it again next year!”.