Inzpire Limited Loan GECO Tablets to 72 Squadron

72 Squadron Tucanos Will Fly Using GECO During Tomorrow’s RAF100 Flypast

Inzpire Limited have loaned a number of GECO tablets to 72 Squadron to help them fly with pinpoint precision during the RAF 100 Flypast tomorrow.

The Squadron, based at RAF Linton-on-Ouse, will have 9 Tucano aircraft participating in the huge flypast which takes place over The Mall. Inzpire’s GECO tablets, which have been loaned to 72 Squadron at absolutely no cost, will be used by aircrew to accurately plot and fly the flypast route using the GPS feature on the tablets. With participating aircraft required to work to an accuracy of 5 seconds, GECO will allow 72 Squadron to plot accurate Time on Target markers, ensuring the Tucano formation flies in the correct place at exactly the right time.

A 72 Squadron Pilot, who will be taking part in the flypast, said: “Being able to use GECO in Tucano is a game changer! It provides us with a vastly increased level of Situational Awareness in an aircraft that naturally only has paper map and stopwatch technology. GECO will provide us with extra information in the cockpit, supporting us to integrate safely into the multi-aircraft formation flypast over London”.

Jonny Smith, Head of Inzpire’s Mission Systems Division, said: “Inzpire is delighted to be able to support the Royal Air Force in the celebration of its 100th Birthday. Through the provision of our GECO Mission System to the crews of 72 Squadron, we will help to ensure that their Tucano aircraft are on track and on time as part of the RAF100 Parade and Flypast”.

Inzpire’s Chief Technology Officer and former RAF pilot Mark Boyes said: “Inzpire is very proud to be able to support the RAF 100 celebrations in our own small way and we wish the crews the very best for their participation in this historic event”.

Inzpire’s Mission Systems Division

Inzpire’s Mission Systems Division produces some of the most innovative and highly-regarded Mission Systems available for the air environment. Our products are in frontline operational use with UK and international armed forces, delivering situational awareness, safety of flight and mission enhancing capabilities across helicopter, fixed wing and multi-engine platforms.

One of Inzpire’s loaned GECO tablets on the knee of a 72 Squadron pilot in a tucano cockpit