Inzpire’s Al Allsop Flies Typhoon as an RAF Reservist

Al Becomes one of the First Reservists to Fly Typhoon

Dr Al Allsop pictured in his capacity as Inzpire’s Control of the Air SME.

With around 80% of our current workforce being ex-Military, Inzpire is an employer truly committed to supporting the Whole Force Approach – a concept which involves the collaborative working of full-time military personnel, civil servants, contractors and reserve forces to maximise the output of the British defence industry.

In a company of just 134 employees, 11 of those are currently serving in the reserve forces in a range of roles across the services. One such employee is Dr Al Allsop, Inzpire’s Control of the Air SME, who since the turn of the year has been going through his Typhoon refresher training with the RAF’s Operational Conversion Unit (OCU). Al is one of a small group who are setting a precedent by flying Typhoon in a reserve capacity.

Once Al has completed the full syllabus of his refresher training, he will be able to fulfil all of the tasks associated with the QFI role as a reservist. His role will include planning, briefing and executing training flights as an instructor for Typhoon students on the OCU, based on 29 Sqn at RAF Coningsby. He will also be able to run debriefs for the students.

But it is in the role of providing synthetic instruction to OCU students where Al’s experiences and knowledge will be best exploited. Al is a Doctor of Philosophy, having completing a PhD with Cranfield University. Al’s PhD thesis was entitled ‘Determining the Extent to which Simulation can be used to Train RAF Pilots to Fly and Fight the Eurofigher Typhoon’; this was recognised with him being awarded an MBE in the 2014 New Years Honours list for his research into the use and limits of simulation to improve combat training for Typhoon Pilots.

Al’s commitment as a reserve pilot is underpinned by his day to day role – which is also based on 29 Sqn. Al is part of an Inzpire team embedded on the Squadron who facilitate the delivery of training to the RAF’s future Weapons Instructors (QWIs). His everyday involvement in frontline military exercises ensures that his skillset and knowledge is current, meaning that the expertise he will be passing on to students in his role reservist Typhoon instructor is as relevant as possible in line with current operational needs.

Dr Al is embedded within 29 Squadron during his day-to-day role with Inzpire.

As well as his exceptional synthetic training knowledge, students flying with Al will also benefit from his 23-year RAF career. Al joined the RAF in 1992 and spent the next 23 years teaching, flying and fighting in the best fast jet platforms the RAF had to offer; from instructing on Hawks at RAF Valley, through the second Gulf War in the Harrier and finally the Typhoon where he was Instructor and Flight Commander for the Saudi Training Flight and the Executive Officer on XI(F) Sqn.

“I am excited to be able to use my 25 years of flying experience to give something back to the next generation of combat pilots”, explained Al. “I am confident that the experiences and education I have gained in my civilian role can provide a valuable and complementary skillset to assist the Typhoon Force”.

“In this important milestone year for the RAF as it celebrates its Centenary, Inzpire is proud and honoured to support the Typhoon Force by agreeing to one of our many talented employees, Dr Al Allsop flying as a Part-Time Reservist on Typhoon”, said Al Whittle, Inzpire Chief Operating Officer. “Around 80% of Inzpire employees are recruited from the forces, having served long and distinguished careers, and they remain proud and committed to continuing to serve their countries – Dr Al is a perfect example of this”.

Dr Al and Mark Doney, Inzpire C2 and ISR SME, pictured at RAF Coningsby

All images MoD Crown Copyright 2017, SAC Jack Welson.