Welcome to Inzpire, Philip!

We are delighted to welcome Philip Johnston-Davis to Inzpire.

Philip has joined our Unmanned Experts and ISTAR Division as a Senior ISR Expert after completing a distinguished military career.

Philip originally graduated from Cranwell in 2001 and then from the Qualified Weapons Instructor Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance (QWI ISR) course in 2012, amassing significant joint and multinational experience in intelligence and ISR operations.

In his first posting at the Air Warfare Centre on the operational intelligence watch he also supported white force for collective training exercises and then led the adversary tactics analysis element. Via a tour at station intelligence at RAF Leeming, he moved to RAF Digby to be a squadron second-in-command in the signals environment at the Joint Service Signals Wing. He joined the targeting community as UK’s air targeting lead for operations in Iraq and Afghanistan at the Combined Air & Space Operations Centre.

On return from Qatar he spent a short tour in intelligence training and standards before posting on promotion to the land environment as the ISTAR plans officer and air-land integration advocate at HQ 3(UK) Division. The HQ was responsible for delivering mission-specific training to 16 Air Assault Brigade’s deployment to Helmand; he organised the delivery of an immersive ISR planning and execution environment. He deployed from here to Kabul serve as the Chief of ISR Operations for Afghanistan at the US-led ISAF Joint Command, overseeing the planning and operational tasking of over 240 daily ISR sorties.

After graduating as a QWI ISR in 2012 Philip was appointed operations squadron commander at Tactical Imagery-Intelligence Wing, the largest Int/ISR squadron in the UK, overseeing the UK’s combat air and RPAS imagery analysis functions. His subsequent move to the RAF ISTAR force headquarters took him into the management and planning arena as the desk officer for all 1 Gp’s GEOINT exploitation capabilities.

Philip deployed in 2016 to the US 3* Joint HQ in Kuwait to develop the ISR strategy for the campaign plan in Iraq and Syria, also leading in the integration of new capabilities such as additional RPAS and federated analytical support. His experience of the changing nature of warfare shaped his involvement in conceptual work on air operations in the information age, ‘big data’ and contested ISR operations in his final posting in the RAF as desk officer for C4ISR capability development at Air Command.

Philip and his family have put down roots in Lincolnshire and enjoy taming their garden and its fruit trees. This rural idyll is also a perfect setting for Philip’s obsession with lycra on two feet (orienteering and trail running) or two wheels!

Welcome to the team!


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