Inzpire’s 2018 In Numbers

I really need to come up with a different way of saying “this year has been an extremely busy year for Inzpire”.

I find myself repeating the same sentence almost verbatim in all of my end-of-year digital content, but I am reassuring myself that rather than it being due to a lack of literary creativity on my part, it is in fact because every year at Inzpire is genuinely hectic throughout.

However, I really think 2018 has been the busiest, and most noteworthy 365 days since I joined the company back in 2014. It has been a year of significant development and growth. In March, we and our Red Aces colleagues were down-selected in the UK MoD ASDOT competition (our header image shows some of the Red Aces team at RIAT 2018). In July we launched our Training Academy. In October, we announced that the third age of Inzpire had arrived with QinetiQ agreeing to be a majority investor.

In a bid to summarise everything that our team has accomplished this year, employees from around the company have been eagerly totting up their most impressive facts and figures for your enjoyment! Inzpire’s Year in Numbers makes for some impressive reading.

31 people have joined the Inzpire family.

Our 3 CQHIs based at Yeovilton have accumulated just over 700 hours of live flying in support of Wildcat helicopter live flying training.

The CQHIs at Middle Wallop flew 1387 hours supporting 673 SQN AAC training new Apache pilots and Apache instructors. Inzpire CQHIs were 5 out of the top 6 highest flying individuals!

Jan Ferraro

Over 400 GECO tablets have been used around the World.

Visitors from 32 different countries were welcomed on to our exhibition stand at the Farnborough International Airshow.

Bob Chevli has one again covered over 1 million metres on his rowing machine – 1.1million to be precise. There weren’t enough hours in the day to work out how many calories-worth of mince pies he’d earned himself in this mammoth feat…

480 people have applied for jobs at Inzpire!

The Integrated Sensors and Systems division Mission Support Team based at RAF Coningsby briefed the technical detail on the Typhoon Defensive Aids Sub System (DASS) and gave support to the Typhoon Qualified Weapons Instructors students during their 10 month Course. This resulted in 6 students graduating in October this year.

In addition, the team briefed the Typhoon DASS – including DASS considerations required by an Electronic Warfare Instructor – to the Typhoon Electronic Warfare Instructor (EWI) Course of 6 students.

Inzpire’s Lightning Requirements Managers have worked on 49 User Requirements, attended 5 capability integration working groups, 4 programme working groups and 2 programme boards. They have also worked daily with the owners of 10 defence lines of development to get all the Lightning Air Systems needs in place, from Training to Logistics, and to create the Acceptance Case Letters that confirmed they were ready. Finally they prepared the Acceptance Case Report for the Lightning Senior Responsible Officer – which took around 4500 hours!

There have been 22 new capabilities added to our GECO tablets (many of which have come direct from customer requirements/requests). This also happens to be the number of different platform types that GECO has been flown on during 2018.

GECO has been used on Indonesian SU-30s this year.

While we’re on the subject of GECO, our tablets have also been used by 5 different nations this year.

Our collective training team trained 712 military personnel in simulated exercises and 650 personnel in live exercises. Those personnel who took part in the live exercises came from 6 different nations.

An image from Exercise TYPHOON WARRIOR, where Inzpire’s experts orchestrated the movements of almost 50 aircraft.

Instructors on our Helicopter Tactics, Helicopter Instructors and Electronic Warfare courses – which we deliver for the European Defence Agency – have delivered training to students from 9 different countries.

Andy Blake, our Support Services and Security Manager, ran his first ever Great North Run with 46,000 other runners. He finished in 2hrs6mins, raising £1400 for charity in the process.

Our Typhoon Requirements Management Support team worked an estimated 16,500 hours, supporting 20 different Typhoon sensors and systems.

MoD Crown Copyright 2018, Sgt Paul Oldfield

We have 2 CQHIs based delivering Conversion to Role training at Wattisham Airfield. In 2018 they flew 340 hours on the Apache AH64, and converted 16 students to role.

All of the above have been fuelled by the 229kg of coffee beans our head office coffee machine has used this year; not to mention the 7,600 yorkshire tea bags that have been brewed up!