GECO Mission Support System used on Ex. SAIF SAREEA

230 Sqn Deploy using MSS

Inzpire’s GECO Mission Support System (MSS) has recently been utilised on Exercise SAIF SAREEA 3, which took place in Oman from August – November.

The Mission Support System is made up of a ground-based planning system (MPS) and an in-cockpit tablet-based management system known as GECO (Air). MPS is used to plan, rehearse and debrief missions, whilst GECO (Air) is used in cockpits during missions to improve situational awareness, enhance safety and reduce the workload of the pilot whilst flying. During Exercise SAIF SAREEA, the MSS was used by RAF Benson’s 230 Sqn Puma fleet in their role providing medical evacuation to the Exercise.

A 230 Sqn representative said: “230 Sqn flying the Puma HC2 deployed on Ex Saif Sareea on the 13th Aug for a 4 month period. They covered 24/7 MEDEVAC and were required to be airborne within 30 mins from receiving a ‘9 liner’. Utilising Inzpire’s MSS, planning of MEDEVAC tasking and routine training was made very easy.

Once airborne the tablets were fantastic in allowing simple navigation around the country (covering over 340 miles on one of the call outs).

Operating from a tent in the desert with temperatures in the mid 40Cs provided many difficulties with some electrical equipment & systems struggling to cope. However, Inzpire’s MSS didn’t fail once allowing us to have a completely paperless cockpit and total trust in the system”.