A Festive Message from Inzpire’s CEO

It has been a hugely busy and successful year for all of us at Inzpire.

Over the Christmas break, we will be enjoying a well-earned period of relaxation.

However we are very conscious that at this time of year, there are many servicemen and women who are deployed away from their families and will not be able to spend time with their loved ones over the festive period. Many of us at Inzpire know exactly what this feels like, having been away from our own families at this special time of year during our own military service.

Your sacrifices at Christmas, and all year round, keep us and our country safe and all of us at Inzpire would like to extend our profound gratitude for all that you do.

We wish everyone serving in our Armed Forces a very safe and happy Christmas, wherever in the World you may be today.

– Hugh Griffiths, Inzpire CEO.