Welcome to the team, Johnny!

We are delighted to welcome Johnny Wallace to the Inzpire team.

Johnny has joined our Integrated Sensors and Systems Division as a Business Manager.

Johnny joined the RAF in 1990 and the Intelligence Branch in 1993. Following training and an early tour in JARIC – including a 4-month deployment in support of 1 and 4 Squadrons on Op NORTHERN WATCH – Johnny spent the next few years providing intelligence and targeting support to the front line. Operational tours with 31 Squadron, and 41(F) Squadron were punctuated with a tour in the bunker at High Wycombe. The majority of his time as a junior officer was spent on numerous operational deployments in the Middle East and Europe (Ops NORTHERN / SOUTHERN WATCH and Op ALLIED FORCE) and training/exercises across Europe and North America (RED FLAG, COPE THUNDER, APC, TAM and TLP). In 2002 Johnny was posted to the Joint Special Force Aviation Wing, responsible for intelligence and mission planning for 7 & 657 Squadrons, including on Op TELIC. On promotion, he completed a study for Chief of Defence Intelligence regarding the requirement for a new military intelligence organisation and was subsequently tasked with the creation of the Defence HUMINT Unit. A command tour in the Air Warfare Centre, a staff officer role in Joint Force HQ, and finally an instructional role in the Air Warfare School completed his time in the military.

After leaving the RAF in Jan 2010, Johnny has spent the last 9 years in diverse roles in industry, including delivery of capability management in DE&S and a Government Owned/Contractor Operated organisation, project lead in Niteworks and technical support to Joint Warfare and the Joint Force Intelligence Group. During this time, he has led on getting his companies onto both ISO-9001 and 27001 and the G-Cloud contracting framework.

Having spent the majority of the last 11 years living away from home during the week, Johnny is looking forward to spending some time at home with his girlfriend, teenage son and foster daughter. In his spare time, Johnny enjoys keeping fit and spending time on the water, being an avid kayaker and more recently buying his own Stand-up Paddle Board. He is never happier than being outdoors and loves being on the hills when time allows. Johnny is a qualified Foster Parent and RFU rugby coach.


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