Inzpire Experts Support European Defence Agency Training

Students Graduate from Composite Air Operations Planning Course.

Helicopter personnel from across Europe recently graduated from the European Defence Agency’s (EDA) third Composite Air Operations (COMAO) Planning course, which for the first time was supported by subject matter experts from across Inzpire’s divisions.

Over two weeks the helicopter crews learned and practised the skills required to plan and lead a COMAO. Whilst the course was led by Capt Till Vromans of the EDA Chief Instructor team, Inzpire’s experts delivered a White Force Team and lectures on subjects including air battlespace management, close air support (CAS), ISTAR and attack helicopter (AH) planning. Over the following days the students planned 4 missions set by the EDA/Inzpire white force team, gradually gaining confidence in the planning process and utilising the knowledge of the Inzpire mentors to make best use of ISTAR, CAS and AH assets.

The training culminated with the students putting their new skills in to practice and stepping up a level by acting as the white force themselves. In small groups, guided by an Inzpire mentor, they developed a mission to challenge their colleagues; the best of which was then planned as the 5th mission by the remainder of the course.

Congratulations to all of those who graduated from the course.