Welcome to Inzpire, Craig!

We are delighted to welcome Craig Emslie to the Inzpire team.

Craig has joined Inzpire as a Mission Data Manager within our Mission Systems division after serving 12 years in the RAF.

Joining the RAF in January 2007, Craig trained in the flight operations branch, and his career saw him gain expertise in a variety of specialisations within air traffic control, station operations, flight planning, and what he enjoyed most, squadron operations. These diverse roles took him to bases all over the country and saw him deployed all over the world with fast jet, helicopter, and multi-engine aircraft to locations including Afghanistan, the Falkland Islands, Spain, France, Sweden, Qatar, America, and more recently returning from an operational deployment to Cyprus in support of Op SHADER.

During one of these tours, Craig was awarded an Air Officer’s Commendation for his attention to details, akin to that required more by a senior officer, during a deteriorating situation which had not been noticed by other staff working in a window-less building. Whilst in duty rest, Craig alerted senior officers – positioned in the bunker – and airborne crews to the rapidly growing storm cell over the airfield, all while preemptively liaising with detachment staff and alerting diversion airfields of the possible security implications should the aircraft have had to divert.

In his spare time Craig loves playing badminton and has been a valued member of the RAF badminton team for many years. He also plays for a local league team and is known for his competitive presence on the court!

When the British weather permits, he loves being in the air. Craig holds a private pilot’s licence and enjoys flying round the UK and France – he was even one of the first Inzpire-sponsored members of the RAF Flying Club Associations’ Aerobatics Squad. He aims to become a flying instructor at a local airfield so he can pass on his knowledge and passion for flying to new pilots.

He has now settled in Lincoln with his girlfriend Vicki, and loves spending time with his 5-year-old son.

Welcome to the team, Craig!