Inzpire Limited Awarded Contract to Manage Transition from Defence Synthetic Air-Land Training Programme.

Inzpire Limited has been awarded the Defence Operational Training Capability (Air) (DOTC(A)) Interim White Force contract.

The contract will see Inzpire manage the transition from the current Defence Synthetic Air-Land Training (DSALT) programme over a 42-month period. Inzpire’s current team of 16 synthetic training experts, which makes up part of the company’s Collective Training Division, will all transition to support DOTC(A), with up to 8 new positions set to be established.

Delivery of DOTC(A) will enable the RAF to adopt a distributed approach to synthetic collective training, with front-line operators using their mission simulators to access a common immersive synthetic environment within which they can achieve collective training requirements. The Air Battlespace Training Centre at RAF Waddington will become the hub for this capability, housing the DOTC(A) Core Systems and Services and White Force personnel, and connected to Main Operating Bases by a secure network. The distributed training model will allow multiple training exercises to be run concurrently.

DOTC(A) will continue to use DSALT’s highly successful Whole Force Approach, with training delivered by an expert White Force team made up of full-time serving military instructors working alongside reservists and contractors. Inzpire’s experts will provide a cradle-to-grave service including designing, building and testing exercises before completing rehearsals, exercise delivery and debriefs. Additional DOTC(A) innovation provided by Inzpire will include operations support specialists alongside configuration and information management experts.

Paul Bolton, Inzpire’s Head of Collective Training, said: “Inzpire is immensely proud to be have been awarded the DOTC(A) Interim White Force Contract. It gives our collective training experts the opportunity to continue our long partnership with the RAF in delivering world-leading synthetic training, whilst maximising innovative solutions to deliver highly effective team and collective distributed training”.

Air Commodore David Bradshaw, the Senior Responsible Owner for the programme said: “This contract award puts a key element of the Royal Air Force’s future synthetic training capability in place. The new capability, known as Gladiator, will deliver a step-change in our ability to provide effective synthetic training for front-line personnel, and is the pathfinder programme for similar synthetic training solutions planned across UK Defence.

Combined with other programmes that are delivering new aircraft simulators, Gladiator will provide front-line personnel with the ability to train with colleagues and allies in a secure, immersive and operationally-realistic environment, making them better prepared for a range of current and potential scenarios and an ever-increasing adversary threat.”

Inzpire’s Collective Training division has over 10 years’ experience of successful partnered collective training delivery with the UK Ministry of Defence. The division has designed and delivered over 300 live and synthetic exercises and provided operationally-realistic training to over 10,000 frontline personnel. Our collective training teams are currently embedded in the RAF’s Air Battlespace Training Centre, Air Warfare Centre and Typhoon Operational Conversion Unit, where we deliver joint collective training to Armed Forces personnel from both the UK and overseas.