Inzpire’s strive to improve mental health and wellbeing

Monday 13 to Sunday 19 May is national Mental Health Awareness Week.

The initiative, hosted and organised by the Mental Health Foundation, aims to raise awareness of all aspects of mental health and encourage people to talk about the issue.

Whilst mental health and personal wellbeing is something that Inzpire’s culture and benefits look after all year round, Mental Health Awareness week seemed like a perfect opportunity to give an insight in to what some of those benefits are.

Inzpire is a company which truly puts its people first. Our HR team, supported unequivocally by our management team and board, have introduced numerous benefits and policies over the years to enhance the wellbeing – both mental and physical – of all of our staff and even their families. Many of these have come directly from suggestions from employees themselves; for instance in 2016, after a suggestion from a head office employee, Inzpire instigated a policy whereby all members of staff who weren’t eligible for a flu vaccine on the NHS could get a vaccine paid for by the company.

Benefits for all staff include:

– Private health and dental insurance, paid for entirely by Inzpire. This cover can also be extended to family members at a heavily-subsidised rate.

– Flexible working, which empowers all employees to manage their own diaries and work at a time, pace and location that suits them and their loved ones. It also means our staff are not forced in to a rigid, timed lunch break – many of our employees take the time to go out for lunch or go to the gym without feeling rushed in to being back at their desk for 1pm on the dot.

Home working, which is a perfect demonstration of one of our company-wide mottoes that you don’t know if you can trust someone, until you actually trust them! Many of our employees work from home, either on a regular basis or as and when they need to around their own personal commitments.

Uncapped leave, which can be used however, or whenever, employees wish. There’s no need to say no to that once-in-a-lifetime 3-week trip to the Maldives! We truly believe that the most important way to assess an employee’s performance is to place the emphasis on results and value-added, not the amount of time they spend at their desk or in the office.

All of these benefits are available to all of our staff, all of the time – and some of our staff have taken the time to explain how Inzpire’s flexible nature and employee-first approach has helped them in times of need.

Time to exercise!

“I am fairly reflective in nature, and in times of stress and occasional anxiety I believe this has enabled me to recognise when my mental health and wellbeing is diminishing. Over the years I have learnt to identify what negatively affects my mental wellbeing and I have come to understand what it is that can ‘repair’ and restore me back to my positive state of mind. So what works for me? Fitness; whether this is a short, sharp run or a couple of hours out on the road bike. Working for a company like Inzpire provides me with all the opportunity that I require to manage my mental wellbeing. As a home worker the work-life balance is incredible, not only can I manage my workload as required, I am able to set my own schedules and manage my time accordingly.

However in times where work is challenging, the demands of family life are thrown into the mix and capacity is subsequently reduced, that balance can break. So what do I do? Thanks to Inzpire’s flexible working arrangements, I am able to flex my time to meet my mental health requirements; I grab the trainers or hop on the bike and for me, make the whole world an easier beast to manage”.

Flexibility to meet clients’ needs

“As an Inzpire team member, I work with one of our clients on a daily basis. The client allows flexible working but tends to operate to traditional office hours and a static location for some of the work. There is a need to engage with partners overseas which requires both travel and communication at different times of the day. This favours flexible working to meet the requirements of the client and partners.

Inzpire actively encourages a work-life balance and trusts individuals to manage their time to meet the needs of our clients, whilst allowing team members time to capture moments with family and friends that are all too easy to let pass. By providing state-of-the-art IT to enable modern working methods, Inzpire provides its staff with the tools and the freedom to achieve a flexible work pattern and better work-life balance.

Because of this, team members sometimes deliver more hours than required on the contract and are more effective than when working to more traditional regimes. This agility allows the most effective service to be delivered to the client whilst using the tools and freedoms to plan for longevity in role rather than burn-out over a short period. This in turn provides continuity for clients who must deal with a high turnover of team members.

All of this would be impossible without a trusting culture from Inzpire, where leadership actively encourages team members to strive for a happier lifestyle. Demonstrating value for money to the client, with the ability to work flexibly to meet their needs, makes working for Inzpire a truly life-friendly organisation to be part of”.

Caring for loved ones

“Life as a working Mum is difficult at the best of times but when a member of your family is suddenly taken ill it puts a huge strain on the whole of the family. Inzpire’s military ethos and whole family approach meant that I did not have to choose between looking after my loved one or carrying out my job. My normally desk based 8-5 job immediately became flexible, working from home at whatever hours suited me. I was provided with all the equipment I needed for homeworking and was given as much time off as I needed to provide care and attend the many hospital appointments that followed. What was an incredibly difficult and stressful 9 months for me personally, as well as my family, was made a lot easier knowing that my job was secure and Inzpire was able to provide me with the support and understanding which enabled me to continue working”.

Inzpire looks after my family too

“Not only have I personally been able to claim for treatment using Inzpire’s comprehensive medical cover, but the subsidised rate offered for family means that my partner has also been able to benefit. Using the medical insurance provided by Inzpire, he was recently able to seek rapid treatment for a painful condition that was affecting his everyday life, making it painful to do small things such as walking up stairs or getting in and out of the car. The medical cover means he was able to seek the best treatment and underwent an operation from the surgeon who pioneered the particular treatment he needed. Not only that, but I was able to work flexibly for as long as I needed after his procedure to allow me to be at home whilst he was recovering and to take him to follow-up medical appointments. Knowing that my partner was getting the best possible treatment and that I could take all the time I needed to spend time with him and help him after his operation meant that there was no need to stress about his after care”.

Time out when it is needed

“As someone who works from home regularly, Inzpire’s relaxed approach means that I know I don’t have to be sat at my laptop all day every day! As with everyone who works for Inzpire, my value is recognised through the work that I complete and the standard of that work so I know there is never going to be an issue if I take a break to refresh during the working day. If I feel like my brain needs a break from my complex work, I go for a walk or to the gym; go to a local coffee shop for a bite to eat; read for a little bit or even – on the rare occasions British weather allows – do a quick spruce up in the garden! I know that I will be able to go back to my laptop feeling refreshed and ready to work again with no criticism for not answering my work phone or replying to emails immediately. Having the opportunity for a little bit of “me time” during the working day is absolutely invaluable and means that if I do feel myself getting stressed out with work, I can nip it in the bud (no gardening pun intended) straight away by shutting my laptop and getting away from it all for a short while”.