The Targeted Fidelity Simulator at DSEI

This year I am fortunate enough to be part of the team showcasing the Targeted Fidelity Simulator (TFS) at DSEI. I got involved at the latter stages of the project but, in my opinion, the best time!

I left the British Army in February, where my last posting was at the Air Manoeuvre Centre of Specialisation teaching Electronic Warfare and helicopter tactics to the Army pilot’s course. Part of this role was mentoring students through mission planning, delivery of orders, the execution of the mission in a 6 aircraft tactics trainer and after action reviews.

On exiting I was employed by Inzpire to deliver helicopter tactics ground school and simulator flying to the European Defence Agency at RAF Linton on Ouse. This facility provides training to helicopter crews from across Europe who arrive with a variety of operational experience across numerous aircraft types. The synthetic training at RAF Linton on Ouse is delivered on two existing simulator devices and I can say that now having worked on the TFS we have a product which really does set a new bench mark. Our very capable demonstrator has endless possibilities, be that the ability to conduct surveillance operations utilising an EO/IR device, emulate threat warnings with associated entities, conduct air assault, recce, screens/guards, AOPs and airborne forward air controlling. This capability and the ability to scale and upgrade the commercial off the shelf software and hardware that makes up Inzpire’s TFS is in my opinion second to none.

I have 14 years’ experience operating and instructing with simulators in all forms but I have never experienced such a combination of high fidelity aircraft model and complex tactical environment in an affordable trainer which flies like the real machine. Combine these capabilities with visuals that create a truly immersive experience and you have a device that can train the pilot, navigator, observer or crewman to a level I wish I had in all my years’ of service.

Ollie flying our Targeted Fidelity Simulator at DSEI this morning (Wed 11 September)

If you happen to be passing by the Inzpire stand on the week of DSEI I would love nothing more than to show you the only affordable, high fidelity simulator supported by a team of experts who can offer you through life training to meet all of your training needs for now and long into the future.


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