Welcome to Inzpire, Guy.

We are delighted to welcome Guy Hart to the Inzpire team.

Guy has joined our collective training division as a counter air subject matter expert.

Guy joined the RAF in 1996 and, following training, served as a pilot on the F3 Tornado at RAF Leuchars.  A busy first tour included regular deployments in support of Op SOUTHERN WATCH and to the Falkland Islands as part of 1453 Flight.  The tour culminated in involvement in the war fighting phase of Op TELIC, the invasion of Iraq, after which Guy returned to the training system as a Hawk A2 QFI.

After 2 years at RAF Valley Guy returned to RAF Leuchars and 43(F) Sqn for his third tour during a period of intense tactical development as AMRAAM was introduced to the RAF.  As the introduction of the Eurofighter Typhoon began in earnest Guy secured an exchange posting with the RNLAF to fly the F-16.

4 years in the Netherlands included multiple worldwide exercises and operational deployment to Kandahar in support of ISAF proved the ideal environment to acquire the skills and experience involved in single seat multi role fast jet operations.

Returning to the UK in 2011 Guy joined the Typhoon Force as an Electronic Warfare Instructor on 3(F) Sqn, supporting and organising multiple deployments to the USA, Middle East and Far East.  Operational deployment to the Middle East in support of Op SHADER coincided with Guy’s assignment to Typhoon STANEVAL for his last three years of service.

Guy achieved in excess of 3500 flying hours across 6 aircraft types during 23 years of service.

Guy is shortly to marry Becci and has already planned a month long ride across Africa to celebrate both their wedding and love of motorcycles.  In their spare time they attempt to corral two daughters and a houseful of dogs safely through life.

Welcome to the Inzpire family Guy!