Welcome to Inzpire, Beth.

We are delighted to welcome Bethanie Garner to Inzpire.

Beth has joined our collective training team as an operational training assistant.

Beth joins us after serving 5 years in the RAF as an air and space operations specialist where she was a member of the training section. As a qualified awards examiner, Beth was the first point of call for all new recruits post trade training, providing them with further training lessons and awarding them qualifications on roles in the operations room. Before Beth was selected for the training section she was a member of the operations co-ordination team where she was responsible for yearly manning plans for all personnel on the unit.

Beth has been involved in 4 deployments in her time, 3 of which have been supporting OP SHADER in Cyprus. Her first deployment was when she was fresh out of training – she was selected to go to Malta to aid with VIP conferences. She has also taken the opportunity to travel to Bavaria, Germany to gain her Ski Foundation L1.

Beth is originally from Wolverhampton, however has now settled in Lincoln with her partner who is currently still serving in the RAF. Beth loves travelling and in her spare time she takes their dog Bailey on long walks, spends countless hours at CrossFit, attempts aerial gymnastics or in the kitchen (baking… not cleaning).

Welcome to the team Beth!