Welcome to the team, Michael!

We are delighted to welcome Michael Newton to Inzpire.

inzpire cyber

Michael joins us as a cyber analyst in our intelligence, cyber and counter terrorism team.

Michael’s interest in all things computing started well over 20 years ago. His father’s interest in computer science and robotics meant that he was introduced to computing at a very young age – it was inescapable (despite the fact that he jokes he has tried!). Michael’s practical skills developed when he started off with repairing computers for himself and friends, leading to working in local colleges and schools as an I.T Technician.

Michael’s real passion was I.T networking, particularly with how computers are able to communicate with one another on a large scale. This led to him achieving his first Cisco Networking certification at the tender age of 18! Instead of going out at weekends, Michael would spend his spare time locked in a computer lab learning about switching or a dynamic routing protocol.

After discovering IT security in 2007, Michael found himself immersed in the world of firewall configuration and he provided support for enterprise-sized customers. After witnessing a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack, he decided that I.T security was the career option for him.

Alongside computing, Michael is passionate about aircraft and aircraft engineering. In 2017 he began work as a network security engineer at Raytheon UK, working with the Sentinel team and V (AC) Squadron at RAF Waddington. Michael’s main role was to ensure the mission system software on Sentinel was secure and no cyber-attacks could breach it. In addition to Sentinel, he also provided technical support to other ISTAR assets.

In his spare time, Michael tries to inspire the future generation of analysts with his work as a science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) ambassador. He enjoys teaching the younger generation all about STEM subjects and is a keen advocate for innovation having recently won an award for Innovation at Raytheon UK.

Michael lives in Lincolnshire with his partner and two daughters. He loves running and football, and is also attempting to learn to fly!

Welcome to the team, Michael – we are delighted to have you on board with us.

Michael helping out at the Royal International Air Tattoo


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