Inzpire Delivers GECO To UK Military Flying Training System

Texan T6 to Use GECO Mission Planning System.

Image MoD Crown Copyright 2019

Inzpire is delighted to announce that we have just delivered our exceptional GECO Mission Planning System to the Texan T6 element of the UK Military Flying Training System, based at RAF Valley.

The GECO system provides state-of-the-art mission planning, rehearsal, briefing and debriefing combined with aircraft upload and download.

Jonny Smith, Inzpire’s Head of Mission Systems, said “it has been a pleasure to work with Lockheed Martin, Ascent and the UK MoD on this exciting and prestigious project. We are very proud to be able to support the training of the next generation of UK military aircrew”.

Inzpire’s GECO System is in use with 22 different military fast jet, trainer, helicopter and multi-engine aircraft types in the UK and overseas. GECO’s ground-based mission planning and debriefing element features a slick, intuitive user interface allowing missions to be planned quickly and effectively. A host of automated features assist the planning process, enabling crews to focus on critical elements of the plan. Post mission, GECO provides the ability to download and synchronise 3D flightpath, cockpit video and audio, and aircraft telemetry allowing rapid analysis and learning to take place.

A GECO tablet in use on a Jordanian F-16 aircraft

The airborne tablet system features a wide range of pilot and crew assistance applications which support both domestic and tactical phases of the mission. From a comprehensive electronic flight bag functionality, through safety assistance features such as obstacle and terrain awareness, to beyond line of sight communications, GECO provides a scalable capability which enhances safety and effectiveness, whatever the mission.

Inzpire’s team of highly experienced software and system engineers work shoulder to shoulder with our ex-aircrew subject matter experts to generate safe and highly reliable systems which meet, and often exceed, the user requirement. Once in service, our outstanding support solution enables us to meet the most demanding levels of availability: we will always be there to support our customers.

GECO has been in service with military users since 2010 and we have an exciting development roadmap ahead of us for many years to come.

The GECO Mission Planning System in use at RAF Benson. MoD Crown Copyright 2017, SAC Connor Payne.