Inzpire Limited continue to support European Defence Agency

Inzpire Limited is continuing to deliver services in support of the European Defence Agency’s (EDA) helicopter portfolio.

The deliverables include Helicopter Tactics Courses (HTC), support to the Helicopter Tactics Instructors Course (HTIC), an Electronic Warfare (EW) course and a Composite Air Operations (COMAO) planning course.

Recent activity has included No 65 HTC, which ran from 7th to 25th October and No 3 EW course which ran from 14th to 25th October, both taking place at RAF Linton-on-Ouse.

No 65 HTC saw crews from Sweden and Germany taken through a 3 week course which consisted of a week of ground lectures followed by 2 weeks of synthetic training, including the planning and subsequent execution of a number of missions in the EDA simulators.

The HTC course focuses on whole crew training and delivers an understanding of typical threats and the tactics that can be employed to mitigate them. The course uses a set of scenarios and lesson plans developed from UK MOD syllabi and also incorporates lessons learned from previous operations. HTC 65 is one of 5 HTC that will be delivered by Inzpire personnel before the end of this year.

21 personnel from Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Germany, Belgium, Finland, Italy, Hungary, Sweden and the UK attended No 3 EW course, undertaking a comprehensive introduction to EW. Inzpire’s EW subject matter experts developed and delivered the course which provides a challenging curriculum to European students. The course content meets the training needs of crews from different countries, aircraft types and with a range of operational experience. Theory-based study is combined with practical learning and students have the opportunity to visit RAF Spadeadam, the UK’s EW range, to be briefed on the ground-to-air threats that the range has to offer. There is also an opportunity for the students to experience the threats in a simulated environment, using the EDA helicopter tactics simulator.

Inzpire will once again support the EDA Chief Instructor Team in delivering a Composite Air Operations (COMAO) planning course at RAF Linton-on-Ouse at the end of November. This will take advantage of the extensive and broad subject matter expertise from across Inzpire’s divisions. The aim of the course is to learn and practice the mission planning process to conduct co-ordinated operations in a multinational, multi aircraft operational environment. The course will start with a comprehensive 3 day academic phase followed by a series of missions based within a fictional political scenario. The course is designed for aircrew intending on becoming Helicopter Tactics Instructors or those who have an interest in developing their complex mission planning skills.

European Defence Agency Helicopter Programme

The core aim of the EDA helicopter portfolio is to enhance European helicopter operational capability through the sharing of experience, training opportunities and organisational costs and the development of agreed common tactics, techniques and procedures. This allows the EDA member states to better meet the challenges of the modern battlefield, increasing both capability and operational readiness. More information can be found here.

Images MOD Crown Copyright 2019, Linton on Ouse. Images taken during previous EDA helicopter training.