Welcome to the Inzpire team, Dave.

We are delighted to welcome Dave Garraghty to our HR team.

Dave joined the Royal Navy as a Radio Operator in 1992 to ‘play sport and see the world’. His first ship was the Type 22 Frigate HMS Sheffield and he completed his first global deployment on her in 1995. Joining HMS Chatham in 1997, Dave was lucky enough to be on his second global deployment, sailing at one-minute past midnight on the 1st July as Hong Kong was handed over to China.

Promoted to Leading Hand in 1998, Dave joined another Type 22, HMS Cumberland where he spent time in the Gulf on Armilla Patrols and again completed a global deployment.

After promotion to Petty Officer in 2004, Dave joined HMS Albion in build, a Landing Platform Dock (LPD) that culminated in conducting operations in the Gulf of Mexico and the Eastern Seaboard – with New Orleans rating highly in Dave’s top 5 runs ashore!

Promotion to Chief Petty Officer in 2005 presented Dave the opportunity to join HMS Albion’s sister ship, HMS Bulwark and he was part of the first Gulf deployments on an LPD that also undertook a non-combatant evacuation order of British Nationals from Libya.

After a busy and rewarding 10 years at sea, Dave took the opportunity for a shore posting to Naples, Italy where he thoroughly enjoyed his role of non-NATO liaison, visiting some fantastic places including Tel Aviv, Ukraine, Turkey and Albania. Promoted to Warrant Officer in 2010, Dave returned to England (with the addition of his second ‘surprise’ daughter) and undertook an appointment as lead communications sea rider at Flag Officer Sea Training (FOST).

Selected for sea appointment as an Executive Warrant Officer (EWO), Dave joined HMS Daring, a Type 45 Destroyer and undertook the 9-month, 21 country ‘Sidereal’ global deployment that also included offering humanitarian relief to the Philippines post hurricane ‘Hiyan’.

After a brief spell as a project manager at Fleet HQ, Dave was selected to become an executive sea rider at FOST and was then selected for the prestigious position of the first sea-going EWO onboard HMS Queen Elizabeth and was part of the team that took her out of the builders yard and to sea for the first time. Dave quickly built a great rapport with the renowned documentary maker, Chris Terrill who was busy onboard filming ‘Britain’s Biggest Warship’ for BBC 2, and he ended up featuring in the show – Dave was recognised in Greggs and was given a free sausage roll after the first airing!

A key highlight of Dave’s time on board HMS Queen Elizabeth was his invitation to have lunch with Her Majesty the Queen during the ship’s commissioning ceremony. Post this appointment, Dave made the decision to leave regular service in order to spend more time with his family and undertook a full time Reservist position as a recruiter for the Royal Navy.

Dave put his love of HR to use and in his first role in ‘civvie street’ worked as the operations manager for an independent financial advisor in the private sector before joining Inzpire.

Dave is extremely proud to be joining Inzpire, which he says is the best of both worlds where he can speak ‘jackspeak’ without driving people up the bulkhead and help find both the best ex-Service and industry talent to join the company.

Outside of work, Dave enjoys spending time with his wife Jo, Evie (12) and Lily (10), sampling real ales (Dave, along with Wadworth Brewery put a bar on HMS Queen Elizabeth) and fell running when middle age and time allows.

Welcome to the team, Dave – we are delighted to have you onboard with us!