Welcome to Inzpire, Richard.

We are delighted to welcome Richard ‘Heapy’ Heap to the Inzpire team.

Richard has joined our collective training division as a fast jet and remotely piloted air systems subject matter expert.

Richard joined the RAF in 2004, initially serving as a pilot on Joint Force Harrier at RAF Cottesmore, serving with both IV(AC) and 800 naval air squadrons. His first tour saw deployment to Op HERRICK (Afghanistan), multiple large force exercises both in the UK and abroad, and operation both from land and sea.

Following retirement of the Harrier in 2010, Richard joined the Typhoon Force, as a 4–Ship leader, electronic warfare officer and air to surface attack pilot, initially at RAF Coningsby, deploying to Op ELLAMY (Libya) with 3(F) Sqn. Following conversion, Richard moved to RAF Leuchars to reform No 1 (F) Sqn with the Typhoon in 2012.

Following a tour as a ground liaison officer with 100 Sqn at RAF Leeming in 2013, Richard then converted to RPAS in 2014, operating the Reaper aircraft from XIII Sqn at RAF Waddington, again on Op HERRICK and latterly Op SHADER (Iraq and Syria). Posted to the USA in 2016 on Exchange to the USAF, Richard then continued to pilot Reaper from 39 (B) Sqn at Creech AFB on Op SHADER.

With over 2500 hours of majority operational flying, Richard joins Inzpire as a multi role QWI. He has an MSc in Airspace Operations and Tactics, and a BEng in Aerospace Engineering.

Welcome to the team Heapy!


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