Welcome to Inzpire, Rich.

We are delighted to welcome Rich Dalby to the ever-growing Inzpire family.

Rich joins us as a cyber and electromagnetic activities training specialist within our integrated sensors and systems division.

Rich joins us having previously been employed as a principal consultant for a defence consultancy firm, where his specialist areas were weapon system analysis; threat vulnerability analysis and counter measure development and intelligence and electronic warfare command and staff training.

Prior to this, Rich served in the RAF for 28 years, gaining a broad range of project-oriented consultancy and engineering training experience.

During Op TELIC Rich was a liaison officer embedded within the USA 1 Marine Expeditionary Force, where he gained first-hand operational knowledge of the workings of an all source intelligence fusion cell.

During his service career Rich was the winner of the Worshipful Company of Scientific Instrument Makers Military Engineering Training Award for his work as the sensors lead on the advanced systems engineering course, which provided pre-employment training for selected engineering personnel (all Services foreign and domestic) for roles within the technical intelligence areas of defence capability. He was also awarded a Commandant AWC’s commendation for his work as the academic lead on the aerosystems course which provided pre-employment training for selected personnel for roles within the test & evaluation and capability development areas of defence.

Rich is married to Debbie and between them they have seven children. He is a keen DIY enthusiast – much to Debbie’s annoyance and also plays the saxophone and guitar – much to Debbie’s annoyance.

Welcome to Inzpire Rich, we are delighted to have you on the team!